Foods That Will Improve Your Mood


What food should we be eating? Which foods should we avoid? What is going to happen to us if we indulge in our favorite foods?

Eat this healthy food. Avoid eating this food. You may gain weight if you eat this. There’s too much sugar, fat, salt, or empty calories in this food. We have all heard a lot of warnings from eating so many foods that many people have lost the pure pleasure of eating food that makes us feel great. We feel guilty and even embarrassed when we indulge our dietary preferences – that are often not the foods were being advised to eat.

Eggs – High in cholesterol and fat, perhaps. But eggs are also chock full of high-quality protein which will raise your power and Vitamin D which increases serotonin and naturally enhances your frame of mind.

Whole Grains – Prevent carbohydrates to lose weight, maybe. But a moderate part of complicated carbohydrates (e.g., oatmeal or rice ) can help release insulin in your bloodstream and relieve your anxiety. Even simple carbohydrates may elevate your mood temporarily but will result in a far faster drop in insulin and another psychological crash.

Spinach – Popeye had a perfect idea, eating spinach to make him powerful (This is for those people who remember watching Popeye cartoons when we were children ). 1 part of spinach will provide over half of the daily allowance of folic acid, which increases your brain dopamine levels (for uplifted moods) and magnesium (for calm and relaxation of muscles).

Salmon – Though farm raised salmon might have some greater mercury and other compounds, a bit of salmon supplies 3/4 of their daily allowance for selenium (to keep you calm and alleviate irritability and nervousness ). And as most people already know, salmon includes omega 3 fatty acids which help maintain our moods stable.

Chocolate –┬áThat delicious, soothing, melt in your mouth chocolate bar can supply your body with”phenylethylamines, a neurotransmitter that releases endorphins in the brain and makes you feel giddy.” And that sweetness affects the brain’s pleasure center. Even milk chocolate has its own advantages but, naturally, the more bitter dark chocolate is much more beneficial.

Turkey, Chicken, Tuna, and Soybeans – These foods contain tryptophan, a nutrient that can help you feel relaxed and calm.

Lentils – This food is a complex carbohydrate which contains a great deal of folate that may keep moods balanced and block the mood swings of mania and depression.

Berries – Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries – and some we’re less familiar with like goji berries – are high in fiber and provide the natural sugar that makes us feel great.

Your Favorite, High Calorie, Non-Fiber, Sugar, Salt and Fat Filled Foods – The Rosicrucians educated many wise things about life, recovery, magnetism, and even nutrition. One announcement that always stayed with me is that if you eat something you genuinely dislike or if you’re in a stressed out mood as you eat, you won’t receive the full nutritional benefit, no matter how much nutrition is packaged into that food. And, if you consume even the most non-nutritious food that you love eating, your body will absorb more of whatever nutritional value does exist in that food.

Dietary options are based upon physiological signals about chemical requirements, psychological signals about chemical requirements and the sensual pleasure derived from other aromas, tastes, textures, colors, temperatures, and memories related to unique foods. Next time your body appears to crave a specific food, notice what’s happening in your body, your life, your moods and all of your senses.