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Qualifying as a Dietitian
in Canada

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Qualifying as a Dietitian in Canada

There are two required qualifications for entry to practice:

• Completion of an accredited university degree in foods and nutrition (or equivalent)

• Completion of an accredited program of practical training (or equivalent)

In addition, all provincial dietetic regulation bodies, except Quebec, require successful writing of the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (Link to Canadian Exam)


In order to practice as a dietitian in Canada, an individual must complete a 4-year Bachelors degree in foods and nutrition from an accredited Canadian university or the equivalent.

To view a list of accredited programs please visit www.dietitians.ca . In addition to general academic preparation in humanities, communications, science, statistics, and basic principles of management, the degree will include courses in general and organic chemistry, microbiology, physiology, biochemistry, advanced human nutrition, advanced foods, food service systems organization and management, and quantity food production management.

Academic preparation from non-accredited Canadian and international programs is assessed for equivalency to Canadian academic programs by each dietetic provincial regulatory body. Application must be made to one of the ten regulatory bodies ( Link to Canadian Regulators of Dietitians).

Practical Training

To practice as a dietitian in Canada , an individual must also complete a dietetic internship from an accredited Canadian internship program or equivalent. To view a list of accredited programs, visit www.dietitians.ca . The internship consists of a minimum of 35 weeks of practical experience gained under the supervision of registered dietitians. The practical training is designed to ensure that the competencies required to practice have been acquired in a wide variety of practice settings. The internship program includes a minimum of 16 weeks in clinical practice areas, 8 weeks in community practice areas, four weeks in food service administration, and an additional seven weeks in elective areas that may include research, project development and staff relief.

Clinical rotations focus on competencies related to the role of nutrition in human disease states and the development of nutrition therapies for clients. Some examples of areas of training would include medicine, surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology, diabetes and pediatrics.

Community nutrition rotations include working with individuals, groups and organizations in the community in the areas of health promotion and disease prevention. The focus is on needs assessment, education, program planning, delivery and evaluation in areas commonly seen in the community setting, such as prenatal nutrition, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Food service management rotations focus on management of food service systems and/or clinical nutrition services and include exposure to all aspects of large and small food service operations including procurement, production, distribution, and management of financial and human resources.

Candidates who have completed a non-accredited practical training or a practical training outside of Canada must have their program assessed for equivalency. In this case the applicant must contact the regulatory body for dietitians in the province in which they plan to reside. Click Here for a link to the list of Canadian Regulators of Dietitians

The Canadian Dietetics Registration Examination

The Canadian Dietetics Registration Examination (CDRE) is a national examination developed and administered by the Alliance of Canadian Dietetic Regulatory Bodies.

The CDRE is a one day multiple choice examination designed to test practice-based knowledge, application and critical thinking skills required to competently and safely practice dietetics. The CDRE is administered in May and November each year at sites across Canada.

The CDRE is a requirement for registration in all provinces except Quebec . For more information about the CDRE and registration requirements please contact your provincial regulatory body. Click Here for a link to the list of Canadian Regulators of Dietitians

Canadian Dietetic Registratration Examination (CDRE) Preparation Guide

The Guide in PDF Format CLICK HERE!

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