Guest Post: Dieting, Exercise and Supplements


Everyone wants to live a long, healthy life and in the current day and age, it is most certainly possible. Individuals are faced with many difficult decisions when it comes to deciding on the best supplements, diets, exercises, and training equipment – and who could blame them? Each day the list grows for the best way to shed weight, build muscle and get the body you always wanted. Even now, more than ever there are supplements marketed towards that intent on shedding the excess pounds and changing their bodies into thin, sculpted figures.

With all this market growth and all the respectable brands releasing new products, how can you really be sure what works and what does not? I’ve spent a decent amount of time personally in the gym, pumping iron and pressing weights. I’ve spent countless hours training, exercising, trying new routines and learning lots of new workouts. In this time, I also have tried many different supplements both for diet and for training purposes.

When it comes to choosing a strong pre-workout there have been many who have held their ground. (Obviously, any supplements mentioned are personal preference and might affect individuals differently) I’m one who you can say likes caffeine. I drink about 3 cups of coffee a day beginning at”double-shot” on the strength level and progressively work downhill. When I am searching for an excellent pre-workout, one of the things I look for is something which has a greater than average quantity of caffeine. While not getting into the nitty-gritty too much, I’ve found the most powerful PWOs (I mean really feeling the boost of energy) to be Bullnox, and the all-new reformulated Superpump 250 w/ DMAA. These 2 supplements certainly pack a larger spade and punch but are also leaning towards the pricier side. Another way I can gauge the strength is how much of a tingling sensation I feel throughout my body – and these 2 really give that feeling.

The pump these PWOs bring is pretty substantial. I can see the difference in weeks I cycle off the PWO my exercise intensity not only reduces but the quantity of time before I exhaustion is also markedly shorter. Not to discredit any other PWO as they do the job to various levels but I find that these give me the maximum focus and keep my driveway higher in the gym – significance focused intensity. After finishing a terrific workout it’s crucial to have in some protein and a meal to replenish and help rebuild muscle and refuel your body with all the nutrients it requires post-exercise.

Among the top brands of protein for several years has been Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard (100 percent Whey) This has been my go-to protein powder for several years. Although also somewhat more expensive than other protein supplements, I believe the quality is outstanding and rewarding. The many flavors they have are flavorful as well as the scoops are well sized. The powder melts very even and simple and it absorbs into your body quite quickly. This means quicker protein-synthesis or your own bodybuilding muscle faster.

There are numerous kinds of protein with particular trade-offs, some that take longer to digest than others and some that break down considerably slower. In order to actually understand what works best, it’s always a fantastic idea to experiment and see which fits your goals and body best. If you remain unsure, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard (100 percent Whey) Protein is a good recommendation. Even after taking your pre-workout and your post-workout supplements, sometimes you might not have the energy or drive to keep pushing through the exercise… that is where intra-workout supplements glow.